Rupert is a 5 year old West Highland Terrier/Toy Poodle Mix. He loves his Smooth White linen sheet, pillowslips and duvet. Linda does too.
She says: it looks so inviting in my little bedroom, in my little downtown condo in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I've been dreaming about these linens for one year. Finally did it and I'm a happy girl!
Rupert's mom, a Westie, has those pointed ears and he has inherited "one half" of that characteristic. His right ear is up most of the time - even when sleeping! He has a half sister in England - she is Westie/Norfolk Terrier. Very different looking, but she has her left ear up! So we know it came from the mom! photos Linda King
Our puggle Jack, he is a beagle-pug mix and is two years old. He is very bright, as you can see, as he quickly understood the appeal of linen. The foot belongs to my husband Steve.
We love the cool, crisp, feel of linen. And the fact that it BREATHES. The duvet cover with a down comforter is the perfect heft, just right for our Minnesota winters: photos Mary Jo Hoffman.
My grand dog Lola loves my pinafore and my hubby as well while he enjoys his breakfast outdoors. I'm looking forward to getting my next parcel and opening each lovely gift to myself. photo Anna
Click to expand - and see a picture of me wearing your amazing pinafore! I also got one for each of the moms for Mother's Day!
photo Christine Kelly
This poor, sick baby bear is our honorary dog - sent to me by Sally. She says: I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive your parcel of linen - it is just divine! It looks wonderful, feels wonderful and even smells wonderful!  In this world of cheap throw away items a product made with such obvious care is a pleasure indeed. photo Sally
I received my Orkney duvet cover this week. It's very beautiful. So much more so than the photos on the website. It's transformed how my flat looks. Also, my rescue baby Jack has taken a serious liking to it as well. He's been spending an unusual amount of time sleeping on it since it arrived. photo Keri
dogs love
My corgi, Karma, loves to wrap himself in your fine tea towels!
He prefers all natural fabrics & Rough Line is by far his favorite....he's a very discriminating little dog! Our ROUGH bed linens are off limits to Karma but he is completely content with his luxurious tea towel cozy. Just don't try to take it away from him!! We LOVE your products! Sincerely 'roughing & loving it' ~ photo Francine

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Hi Tricia
We've slept on the sheets for 2 weeks now, and I'm OBSESSED. Love them!!! As you can see by the photos, so do Ollie (cat) and Brutie (dog). I will never go back to cotton again. Also, the lavender is lovely xx

Best, ~ photo Laura W S

Even my last refuge...the bed, is no more....both daughter AND dog, Brian, monopolise the linen completely! Thank God it's so resilient!
It's Brian under the sheet by the way... photo Kate
Brian, loves his Orkney duvet cover and Smooth White pillow slips ...
Thanks, Kate, great photos (I didn't think it was your daughter) ~ Tricia
We love our Rough Linen sheets and we love our Westie, Charles. The combination is unbeatable! Thank you for making this possible.
Forgive me, Tricia. I had to send another. Charles loves those Rough Linen sheets! Cheers, Sherry and Bob, Almonte, Ontario
Ohhh the beauty of these sheets. A surprise to myself ~ your smooth white linen sheet. My puppy loves it as much as I do, especially with the fragrance of lavender ~ Diana
Here are our lovely new Rough Linen sheets in use. Our wired haired dachshund Mabel particularly enjoys them. ~ Merrill, Philadelphia